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Dreaming about earthworms

To dream of earthworms indicates that some bad things will happen, and you may therefore have to face the fear of disease or death, you'd better be prepared in advance.

  • To dream of the earthworm expanding its body indicates that you will acquire interests in real property.
  • To dream of earthworms drilling the soil indicates that some capital you have will rise in value, if harnessed properly, you can give yourself a lot of interest.
  • To dream of earthworms hiding in the grass indicates that there will be an accident in your family, which may also make you worried, you need to pay a price.
  • A businessman dreams of earthworms indicates that the business is not optimistic, some internal staffs are making dirty tricks, at last the company's assets will be divided into several parts, he can not earn much money.
  • A patient dreams of earthworms indicates that the disease is complex and difficult to treat, the dreamer needs to be psychologically prepared to face the disease with the best state of mind.
  • A man dreams of earthworms indicates that he is not successful in career, he may encounter many obstacles, whether to succeed depends on his own ability.
  • A woman dreams of earthworms indicates that she is not successful in love, she'd better not rely on strangers, otherwise she will lose everything.