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Dreaming About Eggs

Eggs represent wealth.In the barter era, because eggs are nutritious and easy to carry, eggs once became the hard currency in exchange for commodities and played the role of money to some extent. Eggs represent property, which is said to be a long time ago.

  • To dream of eggs or eating eggs indicates that you will get rich.
  • To dream of piles of eggs means that you will do well in business.
  • To dream that the eggs are broken means that you will be involved in a property dispute. You'd better keep good inventory of your property and make a detailed list.
  • To dream of throwing eggs indicates that you are very likely to get rich over night.
  • To dream of throwing eggs into the water means that you will be profitable if you do business related to water.
  • To dream of grabbing eggs from someone else's hands means that you may accused of fraud for cheating other people's property, you should be strict with yourself.
  • A pregant woman has such a dream means that she is very likely to have a daughter.

Psychology Interprets Dreams

Eggs represent not only money but also new plans and unknown possibilities. The eggs are the result of your planning and management, since the little success may be in your expectation, so this kind of dream is only a reflection of reality. If you are happy or sad in the dream, then you need to make a mental adjustment. If you are gentle in the dream, then you don't need to worry. 

  • To dream of gathering eggs means that you will have new opportunities, you'd better seize the opportunities and work hard to make them better.
  • To dream of eating eggs means that you are aware of your deficiencies and are at a disadvantage and need to improve yourself.
  • To dream that the eggs were broken means that you may not pay attention to the details, you are careless character and often ignore the details. All these may cause other people's dissatisfaction. This is usually a dream of thinking and emotional expression.
  • To dream of handling eggs but the eggs are broken one by one means that you will have a chance of getting rich in the near future, but you may fail  because of your mistakes, or you may lose the best chance to make a fortune because you feel the time is immature, you are lacking confidence or indecision.
  • To dream of bad eggs means that you don't know that the opportunity is a blessing or a curse, this opportunity seems to be a good opportunity, but it may not be actually.
  • A pregnant woman dreams that the eggs have already hatched out reflects her psychological desires, she hopes to go through her pregnancy smoothly and give birth to a healthy baby successfully.