Dream of an elephant

Elephants are social status. Elephants are big and heavy, symbolizing indestructible social status, heralding success and great reputation.

  • Dreaming of an elephant indicates success and great fame.
  • Dreaming of riding an elephant means an increase in social status.
  • Dreaming of angry elephants rushing towards themselves means that you need perseverance to keep your social status and get rich.
  • Dreaming that an elephant has only one tooth means that we should focus all our energy on one point in order to make a breakthrough and win a higher position.
  • Dreaming that an elephant tramples on a lion means defeating a powerful opponent and turning defeat into victory at a critical moment. It is auspicious that he can defeat his powerful opponent and win a lawsuit that may put him on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • Dreaming that elephants trample on people means that people are jealous of their wealth and may suffer unexpected disasters. We should be cautious in everything.
  • Dream of elephants trampling trees, will soon get through the difficulties and win.
  • Dream of wild elephants, all efforts can be successful, and do not rely on anyone to help.
  • I dreamed that an elephant rushed at a person and trampled that person to death, which means that because of his wealth, he will be killed by jealous people.
  • Dream of white elephant Jiangzhu's official position.
  • Dream of a lion attacking a wild elephant, the enemy will bite the dog, and finally both lose.
  • Dreaming of falling off the elephant's back means being poor or humiliated.
  • Dreaming of a group of elephants means that you may have some unpleasant things in the near future. You should pay attention to troubleshooting and don't always be stuck in your heart.

Different people dream of elephants

  • Pregnant women dream of a group of elephants, which indicates that you may travel in the near future, but you should be careful about your safety, especially not to go to particularly high places.
  • Businessmen dream of a group of elephants, which means you will have a good opportunity to participate in the investment of a large project. Seizing the opportunity may make you a lot of money.
  • Men dream of a group of elephants. They have a successful career. In the near future, they need to pay attention to interpersonal relationships and socialize more. Be careful not to drink too much.
  • Women dream of a group of elephants, which means that some recent things that upset you will have a result recently, especially you will have a good harvest recently, which also makes you excited.
  • People in benmingnian dream of a group of elephants, which means that the things you have been worrying about recently will have a whereabouts, especially the business you have been bothering to run, and there will be a trend of continuous upward development recently.
  • Married women dream that little elephants play and want to give birth to a beautiful boy.
  • A woman dreams of an elephant, which indicates a chance to travel, a little difficulty, and peace of mind.
  • Business people dream of Xiaoxiang, the Lord's recent wealth should be properly controlled.
  • A scholar dreams of an elephant, which indicates that he has encountered difficulties in the exam and poor grades.