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Dreaming about faces

  • To dream of a beautiful face indicates that you will be happy.
  • To dream of an ugly face indicates bad luck.
  • To dream of your face becoming swollen or red indicates that you will get rich.
  • To dream of a distorted face indicates disaster.
  • To dream of your face becoming pale or yellow indicates an omen of bankruptcy.
  • To dream of a mask or feeling difficulty in breathing indicates bad luck in travel.
  • To dream of being sad due to ugly looking indicates much suffering in love, your lover's frigid manners will make you lovesick, toss and turn restlessly.
  • To dream of your face being round and fat indicates that you will have good luck in love, money, health, friends, etc., for the next six months. 
  • To dream of being sad due to good looking indicates good interpersonal relationships. Friends, people around, classmates will trust you more, you can help people solve problems or do justice, you can give full play to your leadership.
  • To dream of your face being covered in lines and wrinkles indicates bad luck in money, you' better not waste your money.
  • To dream of face sores indicates good things in sports, you may be able to buy the skating shoes of your dreams.
  • To dream of looking haggard indicates good luck in make friends.