Analysis of the face shape


Round face

Also known as baby face, this kind of face is never old and looks young from any angle. People with round faces are optimistic and cheerful, easy to get along with others, and have very good interpersonal relationships. Because they are compassionate, they are also more easily tempted by the opposite sex.

Face retouching method:

  • The eyebrow peak is slightly angled.
  • The eyelid line is thickened because of the puffiness of the eyes.
  • Touch up the eye shape with dark color.
  • The lip peak must have an angle, which can embellish the defects of the round face.
  • Blush: brush to the corners of the mouth with oblique cheek bones and lengthen the length of the face.
  • From the middle of the ear to the lower jaw, the upper forehead and chin are polished with light colors.

Square face

The characteristic of this face is that the mandibular masseter muscle is obvious, and the lines of the face are very obvious and clear, giving people a clean and refreshing feeling, showing a trace of solemn and dignified smell everywhere. Girls have this face shape, the lines are too strong, so people can't get close to it.

People with square faces are solitary, aggressive, have high intelligence and keen observation, and even have a sixth sense beyond ordinary people.

Face retouching method:

  • The eyebrow peak shall not have an angle, but shall have a moon radian and elongated hair temples.
  • Because of the single eyelid, the eyeliner must be thickened, and the upper Eyeliner will be pulled out.
  • Fade with the depth of coffee.
  • Lips can not be angled, and fullness is the principle.
  • Blush: with a narrow and long shape, it can embellish the angle of the square face with the angle of the embellished square to achieve a narrow and long effect.
  • Face embellishment: the upper and lower forehead, and the four corners are embellished with dark face repair cakes.

Egg face (melon seed face)

Melon seed face is the face shape advocated by Oriental women, and its advantages are & ldquo; Very camera grabbing & rdquo;, Because the melon seed face looks small, it looks better when magnified by the lens. Most of the people who look at the melon seed face look better than themselves. Therefore, South Korea flocked to bone cutting. People with melon seed face are perfectionists. They are more or less certain cleanliness addicts, strict with themselves, lenient to others, and sophisticated in social skills.

Long face

Long face people are characterized by large face shape, large facial features, soft face curve, calm and mature, and lack of vitality and aura, but they will feel very delicious after watching for a long time, just like the introverted and plain corolla. People with long faces are full of self-confidence, a little narcissistic, arrogant, and even selfish. They do things subjectively, and their interpersonal relationships are usually not very good.

Face retouching method:

  • Eyebrows should be straight, you can feel the face shorter.
  • The eyeliner should be raised and pulled back, feeling more spiritual.
  • Eye shadow should be dark colored.
  • The lip peak should be flat and the lower lip should be full.
  • The blush of the blush can shorten the face shape.
  • The upper forehead and chin are trimmed with dark color, and the cheeks are light color.

Triangular face

He has a strong ambition and explosive power. He is also a person full of intelligence and strong memory. The disadvantage is that he is slightly more suspicious.

Inverted triangular face

It should be said that the inverse triangle face is a more eccentric face shape, which makes people feel more delicate and elegant. Let's imagine the following inverse triangular face and long dark hair. When matching it with a pair of big watery eyes, it is the reincarnation of the fox spirit, which is charming and moving. People with inverted triangular face have strong fighting spirit and rebellious heart. They do not admit defeat and carry out everything from beginning to end. They are regular guests of street sports.

Face retouching method:

  • The eyebrow tail and hanging eye tail shall be flush and not too long.
  • Eyeliner: the upper eyelid droop, the lower eyeliner is straight, it can pull up the eye type.
  • Eye shadow: deep eyes and shallow tail. (purple, pink, or warm)
  • The upper lip should be sharp and thin, and the lower lip should be ship shaped.
  • The upper forehead is wide and trimmed with dark color, and the lower jaw is thin and polished with bright color.

Rhomboid face

Diamond face beauty, if the skin color is not good, looks very uncomfortable, seems to be malnourished, too thin taste. The diamond faced person is independent, strong willed and dissatisfied with the current situation. He is full of arrogance and selfish desires and has no sense of responsibility.

Face retouching method:

  • The eyebrow should be straight, and the tail of the eyebrow should not be too long.
  • The eyeliner should be slender. (eye shadow is brighter in pink).
  • The upper lip should be smooth and the lower lip should be full.
  • Blush: brush to the top of zygomatic bone.
  • Both sides of the upper forehead and lower jaw are narrow and polished with bright color.

Ladder face

He is calm, calm, deep-seated, self demanding, and tends to suffer from depression and autism.

Flat face

This kind of face gives people the feeling of slender and delicate, beautiful but dignified smell. Because the face is flat and long, the facial features of such a face are very obvious. Even having a pair of beautiful eyes or a small mouth will add a lot to this face.