Face shapes could reveal your personality


From the perspective of physiognomy, a person with correct facial features must be correct; A & ldquo; Head Swertia head and face & rdquo; A man of will be cruel and treacherous; A person whose head is like a full moon must also play on eight sides and be round on all sides. By observing a person's face, we can roughly understand his personality characteristics.


Features: the upper part of the forehead is square, the chin is square, and the body also tends to be square. Most of them are generals, industrialists, sportsmen, aviators and explorers.

Personality flash: this kind of head has more men and fewer women. This kind of person is energetic, lively, active, adventurous, unrestrained, free, and likes outdoor life. Such people do not like to talk about theory, but are practical and constructive. Their bodies can work hard and eat bitter.

Disadvantages: I don't like reading, I'm lazy, and I'm not good at thinking. Therefore, they have to use their hands and bodies to seriously do or implement what thinkers plan.


Features: narrow head, long face, like a rectangle.

Personality flash point: this kind of person is good at diplomacy and likes communication; Friendly, gentle, polite and alert (this kind of person will never use force to achieve his goal, but use his alertness, diplomatic skills, wisdom and intelligence. This kind of person is very suitable to be a diplomat or salesman.

Disadvantages: lack of strength, courage and execution, and poor financial management.

Round face

Features: a person with a round head and face has a round body. He is also round on all sides and close on all sides, which is what the Chinese phase law calls & ldquo; Be broad-minded and fat & rdquo;.

Personality flash: because this round person is always optimistic and everything feels safe and comfortable, this person is always kind, interesting and amiable. This kind of person is good at administration and is a genius in financial management.

Disadvantages: this kind of human nature likes pleasure, eating and sleeping. As a result, the fatter the body, the lazier it is.

Triangular type

Features: the forehead is high and wide, the chin is pointed, and the face is like an inverted triangle. Or intelligent, ideal and artistic. Inventors, designers, educators, critics and thinkers mostly belong to this type.

Personality highlights: this kind of person is intelligent, flexible, good at reasoning, good at thinking, loves to drill books, rich in creativity, intelligent by nature, resourceful, ideal and impulsive.

Disadvantages: good at hard work, not accustomed to labor work, too little outdoor sports, so weak physique, lack of vitality, physical laziness.

Convex type

Features: the forehead is tilted back, the nose is sorghum, the lips are prominent, the chin is shortened, and the side of the whole head is in a convex shape.

Personality flash point: this kind of head and face type person has excellent intelligence, fast thinking, sensitive action, good observation, creativity and enterprising. You can use a & ldquo; Fast & rdquo; The word indicates his personality.

Disadvantages: Although this kind of entry is quick to respond, they lack patience and patience, and are impulsive and irritable. Therefore, his shortcoming is that he is too impatient, thoughtless and reckless. Therefore, it is said that he often acts recklessly when he looks up at injustice. This kind of person talks a lot and is straightforward, so he is easy to slip up.

Concave type

Features: the upper end of the forehead is prominent, the eyebrows are flat, the nose is low, the lips are short, the chin is prominent, and the side of the whole head is concave.

Character flash point: but this kind of person has developed a cautious, non blind obedience and non impulsive character. Calm and calm, reason is more important than emotion, good at thinking, think twice before you act, don't move rashly, as the phase law says: & ldquo; The face is concave and resourceful; Therefore, there are few opportunities to cause trouble. Patience, persistence, docile attitude and let things go are all his excellent characters.

Disadvantages: this type of head and face, contrary to the above-mentioned convex shape, his personality can use a & ldquo; Slow & rdquo; The word indicates that thought and action are slow, everything is slow, not in a hurry, stubborn and unrealistic, and lack of creativity.

Flat type

Features: the forehead is straight, the nose is straight, the mouth and chin are almost straight, and the side of the head is in a straight line shape.

Personality flash point: neutral. It is a character between pure convex type and pure concave type, often between thinking and active.

Disadvantages: easy to hesitate.

Upper convex and lower concave

Features: the forehead tilts back, the eyebrows are high, the bridge of the nose is high, the lips are short, and the chin is long and prominent.

Personality flash: this kind of person has fast thinking, long and prominent chin and cautious action because his forehead is tilted back. His character is practical and courageous. He is a leader.

Disadvantages: it is prone to dictatorship and stubbornness. If you are an unmarried boy, you'd better be patient and spend more time if you intend to pursue this kind of girl. Because maybe she has a crush on you, but she hasn't got the time to act yet.

Upper concave and lower convex

Features: prominent upper forehead, flat eyebrows, low nose, prominent lips and short chin.

Personality flash point: implement it when you think of it, with strong action force and motivation.

Disadvantages: his actions are faster than his thoughts, so he is not easy to have a careful plan, and then he acts. He is often rash and negligent. Therefore, he often insults after his actions. He is different from the character of pure convex people who never regret. This kind of person is not practical, impulsive, and lacks comprehension and endurance.