To see when your marriage would appear from three parts of face

Marriage in reality is a generally called fate. Some people say they have no fate with have been less than the fate of the care of themselves and others say never meant, in fact, a person's fate is also possible in a very simple face seen in, then how can be seen in the face of a person's marriage when will be able to reach it? Here, I tell you that the next few relatively simple method.

1. Look at upper part of face

The upper part of face is from the forehead to the above the eyebrows, we will mainly see the man's forehead wrinkles. Everyone's forehead wrinkles are not the same, more or less, long or short, and these wrinkles represent its own meaning.  I will mainly talk of its representative marriage luck. Most of the lines of the forehead area are sideways, in this case, the impact for the person's marriage is not great. But if there are vertical stripes cluttered with transverse striation, which means that the person would encounter some setbacks in marriage, so this person's marriage would usually be late or would not appear. But this position might be neglected by the majority of young people, it is not very easy to find, because they generally like keep long hairs, and cover the upper part of face. I'm here to remind these people, your good luck would be covered due to covered forehead.

2. Look at middle part of face

The middle part of face is from below the eyebrows to the spex nasi, we could see your marriage from eyes and jaw bone. If a person has peach eyes, which means that the person would have many love fortune. Peach eyes are good for some people but too many peach chance would cause this person's marriage smoothly. If one or several shallow lines appear on jawbone, which means that this person's marriage would hardly happen. If you possessed the above two points, then you would be very likely to become a lifetime aristocracy (singles). So people with this physiognomy would be very difficult to get married.

3. Look at bottom part of face

The bottom part of face is from spex nasi to the chin. We can observe a person's marriage from the person's chin. If a person's chin is sharp, which means that the person would haggle over every ounce in all respects, even for feelings. At the same time this kind of person would be a perfectionist, But Gold can't be pure and man can't be perfect. The person would think you are not perfect enough if you made the person a little bit dissatisfied.  So would it be esay to find the true love with this mind-set.   

Marriages are made in heaven, so excessive pursuit might be counterproductive. Go with the flow. You could achieve your marriage as long as you could be willing to part with.