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Dreaming about gays

If you are a heterosexual, but dreamed that you are a gay, this dream indicates that you need to pay attention to your love and relationships, especially if you do not trust your lover, or you may be tangled by the nasty opposite sex, or you may be isolated. If you are a homosexual, this is a normal sexual dream without hidden meaning.

Dreaming of being attracted by a gay indicates that you have been eager for the parental love, such a dream is just relate to the warmth between people rather than sex.

Dreaming of kissing your good friend indicates that you get along very well with your friend, as well as you really like your friend very much, you're not a gay, this feeling belongs to friendship rather than love.

Dreaming of making love with a gay indicates that the relationship between you and the opposite sex is in a nervous state. Such a dream does not mean that you have homosexual tendencies, but a psychological comfort of your own, while the opposite sex can mostly understand your thoughts and feelings. But if the dreamer is a gay, then this is a normal sexual dream without hidden meaning.

Dreaming of someone else being a gay indicates that you think the other's habits and even personality suggest that "this guy has homosexual tendencies," in fact it is nothing more than same-sex intercourse between others is too closely, this person gets along with same-sex friends too closely. This is probably just your illusion, so this thing can not jump above remarks, you'd better not guess other people's behavior, do not let this mentality to spread in your heart.

Dreaming of your lover being a gay indicates that you have a subtle change emotionally with your lover, you feel that your lover doesn't love you very much recently, you are disappointed, thus producing a psychological feeling of loneliness, it is possible to produce some psychological implications. Especially recently people who suffered a setback in love are more likely to do such a dream. Love needs to operate, you really need to communicate with each other constantly, tell your lover what you need. You'd better also use your practical action to tell your lover that you can give the most needed and sincerest love.