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Dreaming about glass

To dream of glass is a symbol of an insignificant, and even touchable obstacle. This is the barrier that the dreamer established so as to protect the relationships. Of course, the situation may be just the opposite, that is, someone else establsihed a thick glass wall in order to prevent the dreamer.

  • To dream of smashing the glass means that you've broken the walls to suppress your feelings through a defensive wall, let you go into a state of understanding where there is no place to build a new fortress.
  • To dream of unedged glass and dark glass represents your personal desire and pursuit, or your vision is getting worse in a certain range.
  • To dream of clean glass symbolizes your good luck.
  • To dream of dirty glass means that you will have some little trouble.
  • To dream of putting the glass in the window indicates that you will live a happy life and have good luck.
  • To dream of carved glass or glass crafts indicates that you will get promotion and income increase.
  • To dream of looking out from the glass means that you have the information to achieve the greatest hope。 Only persistent efforts can let you be closer to the realization of dreams.
  • To dream of carved glass hints that you are gifted and talented, you will win people's respect and love.
  • To dream of choosing or buying glass ornaments as gifts reminds you to devote yourself to your career.