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Dreaming about hedgehog

  • To dream of hedgehog indicates that something you are doing will be successful and you will be rewarded, but at the same time you may lose something like friendship.
  • A patient dreams of hedgehog indicates that the condition is relatively complex, the dreamer may need more powerful treatment and long time to recuperate.
  • A businessman dreams of hedgehog indicates that he will do business very well and successful in whatever the dreamer does.
  • To dream of hedgehog rolling up indicates that you were hurt in love, you do not want to have the same experience. You'd better open your hearts and have more exchanges.
  • To dream of hedgehog tingling indicates that you are very likely to get windfall recently, especially in gaming, you will win a higher chance.
  • A man dreams of hedgehog indicates that he will have good luck, make a fortune, succeed in business, and become a famous person.
  • A woman dreams of hedgehog indicates that she will abide by the feelings of chastity, she is very loyal in love, never violates the duty.
  • A staff member dreams of hedgehog indicates that the dreamer will be recognized by the leadership, and soon have the opportunity to get a promotion, but the dreamer had better be careful of the colleagues, they may be jealous and even do a bad thing behind.