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Dreaming about judges

  • To dream of meeting a judge indicates that your families will have disputes, or you will spend a lot of money for a lawsuit. 
  • To dream of becoming a judge indicates that you will hold a high position.
  • To dream of being submitted to the court for crime indicates that you will be punishable by law.
  • To dream of an excited judge indicates that you will inherit ancestral heritage.
  • To dream of the judge sentencing offenders indicates that you will get promotion and pay raise.

Psychology interpretations of dreams about judges

A judge in the dream is a symbol of the settlement of the lawsuit or the intractable problems. To dream of a judge indicates that you will encounter a lawsuit recently. To dream of the impartial and incorruptible judge indicates that your lawsuit will be solved successfully. To dream of the eccentric unjust judge indicates that you will have difficulties in filing lawsuits. No matter what kind of dream you do, you'd better not worry about too much, it doesn't matter.