Dream of jujube

Jujube is expanded. The fragrance of jujube floats far away, symbolizing expansion.

  • Dream of jujube, want to go abroad.
  • Dream of eating sweet dates, will be diligent and thrifty.
  • Dream of eating sour jujube, will suffer from stomach disease.
  • Dream of servants eating dates when they were working, which means being demoted or suspended.
  • Dream of selling dates, will become the most popular local people.
  • Dream of collecting dates also means the expansion of business.
  • Dream of giving dates to others, because they work hard to serve the people, they will be loved by the people.
  • Dreaming that others give themselves dates indicates that their property is occupied by others.
  • Dream of friends giving themselves dates, property and freedom will be deprived.
  • I dreamed that there were jujubes everywhere and I would get into trouble with my relatives.
  • Dreaming of green dates means that you will get promoted and get rich, and you will be trusted by others.

Different people dream of jujube

  • Businessmen dream of eating dates and their business will develop abroad.
  • The patient dreamed of eating dates and would soon recover.
  • Tourists dream that eating dates is a bad omen. There will be a car accident on the road.
  • Women dream of dates, which means fasting.