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Dreaming about jujube trees

To dream of jujube trees means that you will have good luck. But a patient or a person engage in a lawsuit has such a dream indicates a bad omen. In addition, such a dream also reminds you not to be too indulgent, otherwise you may have ill luck.

Modern dream experts believe that dream of jujube indicates that you will have a son.

  • To dream of jujube trees indicates that you will have a son.
  • A woman dreams of planting a jujube tree indicates that she will be pregant and give birth to a son.
  • The ancient dream experts believed that such a dream had more implication.
  • To dream of lush or red jujube trees reminds you that you may quarrel with others recently. 
  • To dream of eating sweet jujube indicates that you are a frugal housekeeper.
  • To dream of eating wild jujube indicates that you will suffer from stomach trouble.
  • A patient dreams of eating jujube indicates that the dreamer will recover soon.
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