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Dreaming about leek

Dreaming of leek indicates that you will get sick. 

  • A patient dreams of harvesting leek indicates that the dreamer will be sicker.
  • To dream of leek indicates that you will get sick. 
  • To dream of harvesting leek indicates bad luck for you.
  • To dream of eating leek indicates that your family members need to pay attention to their health.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of eating leek indicates that she'd better pay attention to her health and development of her fetus.
  • To dream of eating leek represents combat.
  • To dream of eating leek represents death.
  • To dream of full of leek on the ground indicates that you will unite with your brothers as one, sprint in the cause and create good results. But you still have to prevent family business disputes, you'd better make some preventive measures.