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Dreaming about lemons

Lemon is sour, it makes people grimace in pain, so it represents contradiction.

  • To dream of lemons indicates that there will be conflicts in your family, you may quarrel with each other.
  • A married woman dreams of lemons indicates that she will leave her husband.
  • To dream of squeezing lemons indicates that you will be weak and are likely to get ill. 
  • To dream of eating the unmatured lemons indicates that you will have imbalance in yin and yang, it is a precursor to illness.
  • An unmarried person dreams of piles of lemons indicates that the dreamer will find the true love.
  • To dream of biting a lemon indicates that you will have both good and ill luck in wealth. You may have a large sum of income, but do not be excited because you will have an unexpected expense soon. So you will spend all your income.