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Dreaming about lizards

To dream of lizards indicates that the enemy will attack you.

  • A man dreams of lizards indicates that the bad guys are peeping at your property, he'd beware of the villain.
  • A woman dreams of lizards indicates that you should pay attention to health otherwise you may have gynecological problems.
  • To dream of the dead lizards indicates that you will have no worries.
  • To dream of the killed lizards still climbing on your body means that you will soon recover and become strong.
  • To dream of killing a lizard indicates that you will re-get the reputation or wealth.
  • To dream of lizards successfully escaping indicates that you will get into trouble in love or career.
  • To dream of stamping on a lizard and killing it or the lizard falling on your body from the roof indicates that your family and you will have ill luck.
  • A woman dreams of a lizard climbing to the skirt or hurting her means that she will encounter unfortunated and be very sad. Her husband is lkely to die because of disease, and she may have to make a living herself.
  • To dream of lizards crawling indicates that you will do wrong things.