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Dreaming about magpies

  • Dreaming of magpies symbolizes love and good luck.
  • Dreaming of magpies flying freely indicates that you will have better luck.
  • Dreaming of magpies calling noisily in the branches indicates that you will meet good things and live a comfortable life. Dreaming of magpies calling happily indicates that your friends or relatives may get married.
  • Dreaming of a magpie bridge indicates that you will have a deep-rooted feelings.
  • Dreaming of magpies nesting indicates that you will get married and live a happy and rich life. 
  • Dreaming of magpies indicates that you will marry a famous family.
  • A young guy dreams of magpies indicates that the dreamer's luck is not good recently, the dreamer had better not be anxious for success, but wait patiently. Do not quarrel with others.

Zhougong Dream Dictionary (Zhou Gong Jie Meng)

  • To dream of magpies nesting indicates that you will have good luck for everything.
  • To dream of magpies calling on the back indicates ill luck, everything should be up rather than down.
  • To dream of magpies calling in front of the eaves is a good dream, everything will be fine.