Dream of Olives, olive trees, olive branches

Olives are hope. Olives can refresh and have a unique fragrance, symbolizing the immortality of hope.

  • Dream of Olives, and then disappointed people will see hope.
  • Dream of giving others olives, or planting olives yourself, may be promoted.
  • Dream of cutting down olive trees, suggesting that you may lose a good chance to get rich.
  • Dreaming of others giving you olive branches means that your life is peaceful and peaceful.
  • Dreaming of the olive grove means that the inner conflict or troublesome family conflict has finally subsided. Therefore, my heart is full of peace and joy. I hope to usher in a peaceful and relaxed day.
  • Dream of eating olive fruit, should trust their own day. The intuition of these two days is quite good. Friends with good creativity should take good advantage of it. Maybe this is your chance to change the current situation! Friends who need financial support for business, their words these two days are also very persuasive. Have a good chat with the investor.

Different people dream of olives

  • Students dream of olive branches and will successfully pass the exam.
  • Unmarried men dream of olive branches, which indicates the success of love.
  • The thief dreamed that he was holding an olive branch and would go to the door to pry the lock. He would be caught on the spot.
  • Young men in love dream that they have olive branches and love will succeed.
  • Students dream that olive trees bear olives, which indicates that they will work hard in their studies, succeed in the exam and achieve good results.
  • Unmarried men and women dream of olive trees bearing olives, which indicates the success and happiness of love in the future.
  • Employees dream of olive trees bearing olives, which may indicate a promotion.
  • Businessmen dream of eating olive fruit, which means they have a profit and a loss. They go to the north to rectify and operate again.
  • People in love dream of eating olive fruit, which shows that they are unstable, cold and hot, trust each other, and marriage can succeed.
  • People in benmingnian dream of eating olive fruit in their dreams, which means that they can't use their Qi, be brave and resourceless, and beware of official symbols.
  • Pregnant people dream of eating olive fruit, which indicates the birth of a boy and beware of fetal Qi.