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Dreaming of cutting trees

A tree is the original structure of one's inner life. To dream of the branches stretching out means that you are warm and lovely. To dream of a beautiful tree means that you are well-organized. To dream of a ruderal tree means that you are disorganized. From the spiritual point of view, man is like a tree, which shows the harmony between heaven, earth and water. If you can correctly understand your own tree of life, which means that you can play your talents effectively in various fields and shape your own life.

  • To dream of cutting trees indicates that you are very clever and you can get rich through your hard work.
  • To dream of cutting down the giant trees indicates that you've found a way to get rich, you  will eventually succeed and get wealth as long as you can persevere.
  • To dream of cutting down shrubs means that you have the ability to do well in your own field, and you have succeeded or you are about to succeed.