Dream of trees

The tree is straight and upright, symbolizing people's health. Dream of green trees, will be strong and increase the population.

Dream of dead trees, there will be disaster and disease.

Dreaming of a large forest means a happy and rich life.

Dreaming of cutting trees is a sign of danger, or planning to travel far away.

Dream of planting trees, you will be very happy, your family is very happy, and someone will give you gifts.

Dreaming of lush trees is a harbinger of luck. If it is a green tree, it means that it may meet a good friend by chance.

Dreaming of a tree full of new leaves indicates that you will warmly celebrate your hope and become a reality immediately.

I dreamed that the trees that had been flourishing suddenly withered, indicating that there would be great changes in the family, leading to the decline of the originally prosperous family.

Dream of dead trees blooming and bearing fruit again, which indicates that you will revive your family style and prosper your family property day by day. Come on!

Dream of climbing a tree, symbolizing that you will get a chance to improve quickly.

Dream of cutting down a tree or uprooting it indicates that you will waste and trample on your energy and wealth in unimaginable ways.

Dream of cutting down huge trees, which is a sign of losing money. Be careful of your investment and analyze the risks.

Dreaming of newly cut trees indicates that when you are sad, unexpected happiness will appear untimely.

Dream of climbing a big tree, in good health. Because of a good appetite and eat special food, the result of the body fat, the original clothes can not be worn.

Dream of a big tree falling down, which indicates that the recent luck will go down. As long as you do more good things, you will maintain good luck.

Different people dream of trees

The candidate dreams of sprouting seedlings, which means that the dreamer's usual efforts have been rewarded, and the exam will be successful.

The merchant dreamed that the newly sprouted saplings were auspicious, which meant that business could make great profits in the near future.

The girl dreamed of the newly sprouted saplings, indicating that the dreamer would marry a handsome young man in the future.

Married men dream of just sprouting seedlings, suggesting that the dreamer lives a happy and carefree life.

Unmarried people dream that the big tree has fallen, which indicates that love is in general. Although there will be many heterosexuals around you, your attitude is not clear enough and it is difficult to give each other a sense of security. Yes, your love is relatively short. It is suggested that you should have psychological preparation.

A woman dreams that a big tree has fallen, which indicates that her luck is general, she needs to retreat, and her luck is bad.

The man dreamed that the big tree fell down, which indicates that he will go far soon. He is in good luck, but he will get a good harvest on the way.

Businessmen dream that the big tree has fallen, which indicates that the financial luck may fall back. The extravagant consumption mode will embarrass the financial situation, and may also use the reserved funds. However, the luck in investment is still very good, which is a good omen.

Divorced and widowed people dream that the big tree has fallen, which indicates that they will go far away soon and encounter difficulties on the way. It is suggested that you'd better cancel and don't go.

Job seekers dream that the big tree has fallen, which indicates that they have good luck in job hunting. They need to adhere to the pragmatic line and often only focus on the positions they are familiar with. The probability of success in applying for the job will be very low, which is easy to leave the impression of being cautious and lack of motivation to the examiner.

Scholars dream that the big tree has fallen, which indicates that the test results are average, but the progress is not very obvious. As long as they can make all their efforts, they will make good achievements.