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Dreaming About Trees

  • To dream of climbing trees indicates that you are keeping good health.
  • To dream of wandering in the woods indicates that your lover is very likely to be attracted by other people and may leave you. The only way to guard against is to care for the other with more love.
  • To dream of planting trees indicates that you are very likely to have more money.
  • To dream that the trees withered indicates that you will have bad luck  Don't be discouraged, try harder.
  • To dream of walking in the bamboo forest indicates that you will have good performance in acting. Maybe you'll get a place in the school singing contest and get a prize, or your essay will be appreciated by the teacher.
  • To dream of walking in the yard with trees and ponds indicates that you will have good luck in making friends. You can travel with your friends. It must be a happy trip.
  • To dream that the leaves of ginkgo trees are scattered everywhere indicates the unfortunate love. You may have unrequited love for someone, you should put your attention to sports or other hobbies so as to heal your heart.
  • To dream that  the grapes are fruitful indicates that something unhappy may happen to you.
  • To dream of the fruit trees with full of fruit indicates that you'll fall in love with the older people. Be careful of your actions and never fall too deep.
  • To dream of pines growing sparsely indicates that you may get sick. Don't place too much trust in your physical strength. Health is the most important thing at the present time!
  • To dream of the willow branches swaying in the wind indicates that you may have bad luck. Gossip will annoy you and you'd better be careful not to get involved in an abnormal relationship.