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Dreaming about opposite sex

  • To dream of traveling with a lot of opposite sex or surrounded by them hints that your relationship will be good. If you have a lover, you should take care of the other half, or his/her heart may leave you.
  • To dream of seeing the nude opposite sex by chance indicates that you will be out of pocket, which will make your social life a little awkward.
  • To dream of walking together with an opposite sex hand in hand means that you will get good results and work smoothly.
  • To dream of beating an opposite sex indicates that you will get along well with others, you are a person of action and determination, and you will influence your classmates, colleagues and friends with your own actions, but enough is enough。 Don't be too self, or autocratic.
  • To dream of being pursued by an opposite sex indicates that you will have a good relationship.
  • A student dreams of a friend of the opposite sex indicates that the dreamer will improve on tests.
  • To dream of an opposite sex on the same level as your neighbor indicates that you will have a good relationship. You have a good vision of love, you will find your true love.
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