Dream of having sex with the dead

Sexual dream is a normal sexual psychological phenomenon. In terms of sex, men who reach puberty will have more such dreams. Not only men have physiological needs, but also women. Such dreams will reappear at the age of 50 or 60. With age, everyone's response is different. Men and women love, human nature. Dreaming of making love is a symbol of emotional richness.

Life and death, the two major events of life, are also the two major events of all things. They are an insurmountable supernatural force. Without life and death, nothing has life. Therefore, dreaming of the dead has become a unique thinking activity of human beings. There are many meanings of dreaming of dead people. It is necessary to analyze which one is according to the detailed dream.

Generally speaking, dreaming of the dead means that you intend to forget some unpleasant past events, and are ready to stand up from disappointment and find yourself again. Here, the dead represent the past and extinct things, with a moral of saying goodbye to the past and welcoming the new. Dreaming of the dead is not only a symbol of self detachment, but also a symbol of rebirth. Don't be afraid. If the dream is happy, it is an auspicious dream. If it is sad, it indicates that the recent pressure is great and the mood is very unstable. We should make corresponding adaptation and adjustment to the generation of pressure.

Dream of making love with the dead: making love with the dead represents indifference to love or dissatisfaction with the object.

Dream of making love with the dead: it indicates that there will be problems between husband and wife or lovers.

Men dream of making love with the dead: physiological function will have problems.

Women dream of making love with the dead: sexual desire is too strong or there is a problem with the relationship between husband and wife.