Dream of lovers and the opposite sex

Dream of lovers of the opposite sex, indicates that the recent decline in luck, when they do something, they are easy to be framed by villains, to play up the spirit, be more careful.

Dreaming that you have a lover indicates that on the one hand, you may get into trouble because of your romantic and amorous personality; on the other hand, it may just indicate that you have been thinking this way subconsciously.

Dream to express their feelings to lovers, indicates that your love fortune will be very smooth, happy and romantic life, live a happy life.

Dream of falling in love (or flirting) with your lover, indicates that your love luck is declining, which leads to the other party has been on your willful, self righteous temper dare not compliment, if this continues, his heart will leave you sooner or later, I suggest you to reflect.

Dreaming of kissing with your lover indicates that you may have sexual troubles in the near future. Spiritual love has already made you very unsatisfied. You may also worry about your impulse and make yourself regret things in the future. Or you may worry about the impact of things between you on your life.

Dream of your lover to send you a gift, indicates the rapid development of your love, but if it is extramarital love, must be careful, so as not to hate for life in the future.

Dream and lover quarrel, indicates that your interpersonal problems, may have differences with friends, at this time your attitude and behavior will affect the future reputation, so to be extra cautious.

Dream of lover and others together and very close, indicates that you may be a little tired recently, health, especially mental state is rapidly declining, suggest you should pay attention to rest, reduce work pressure.

Dream of lovers want to express themselves (or pour out their hearts), indicates that you will appear near rival, but you can't take a tough attitude to deal with, to maintain tolerance, gentle, small three will soon take the initiative to quit, two people's love can be restored.

Dream of parting with your lover indicates that your relationship is progressing smoothly and your life is happy. If you can take part in sports and leisure activities together, it will help the progress between you.

Dream of past lovers, but you are strangers, indicating that you have passed through the shadow of past feelings, will start a new love life.

Dream of walking hand in hand with friends of the opposite sex, indicates that your academic performance will progress or work very smoothly.

Dream of violence against the opposite sex, indicates that your interpersonal communication is going well, your action and determination will drive the people around, but you can't go too far, otherwise it will cause other people's disgust.

Dream of being pursued by the opposite sex, indicates that your love fortune will have a sign of rising, more entertainment will find the right person.

Dream of accidentally see the opposite sex naked, indicates that your money will be embarrassed, may lead a period of cash is not abundant, make your social life a little embarrassed.