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Dreaming about orangutan

Dreaming of orangutan is a refraction of human being's stupid and clumsy side, this dream also indicates that the dreamer is eager to return to nature. Dreaming of orangutan may indicate that people surrounded may misunderstand you, and you will feel very worried and hope to eliminate the misunderstanding as soon as possible and renew cordial relations. Dreaming of a kind and tame orangutan indicates that you will make a different friend, who will become your bosom friend or a lifelong friend.

  • Dreaming of an orangutan fighting with a monkey indicates that you may quarrel with others. 
  • A young woman dreams of orangutan indicates that her boyfriend is faithless. 
  • Dreaming of the gorilla fighting with you indicates that you may quarrel with others in life.
  • Dreaming of playing and becoming friends with gorilla indicates that you will get approval from others in life and career, but do not let down, you'd better make persistent efforts.