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Dreaming About Parrots

  • To dream of a parrot standing on the ground indicates that you will make useless friends.
  • A married woman dreams of a parrot standing on the ground means that her husband is a helpless man.
  • A pregnant woman dreams of parrots indicates that she will have a daughter.
  • To dream of parrots falling down onto the trees indicates that you will get sick.
  • To dream of a parrot in a cage indicates that it will be so difficult.
  • To dream of a dead parrot reminds you to beware of dishonest friends so as not to be cheated.
  • To dream of shooting the parrot with a gun indicates that you can defeat the opponent.
  • To dream of buying parrots means that you have to repay your grandfather's debts.
  • To dream of a swarm of parrots reminds you to ook after your assets.
  • To dream of sending a parrot to other people indicates that you will be a manipulative prick.
  • To dream of putting the parrot in a cage indicates that the enemies will be infighting, but you can benefit from it.
  • To dream of the cat catching the parrot indicates that you will beat competitors.