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Dreaming about peas

Pea is a symbol for completeness and good luck, it is auspicious.

  • A farmer dreams of peas indicates a good harvest.
  • To dream of eating raw peas indicates a good omen, you will be very healthy and strong. To dream of eating cooked peas indicates a bad omen, you will suffer from stomach.
  • To dream of eating rotten peas indicates that the dreamer is about to die.
  • To dream of pea sprouts indicates much less income.
  • To dream of piles of peas on the threshing floor indicates high salary.
  • To dream of your living room being covered with peas indicates that your wife or child will get sick.
  • To dream of eating peas leaves indicates that you have to do heavy physical work for a living.
  • To dream of eating dried peas indicates that you will manage the household industriously and thriftily.
  • To dream of eating fried peas indicates that you can only live from hand to mouth.
  • To dream of doing peas business indicates that your company will close down.
  • To dream of grinding peas indicates a disaster.
  • A recidivist dreams of grinding peas indicates that the dreamer will be put into prison soon.