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Dreaming about pigeons

Dreaming of pigeons indicates good omen. 

  • A man dreams of the lying pigeons means that he lives a rich and comfortable life.
  • A married woman dreams of pigeons indicates that she will become pregnant soon and give birth to a  beautiful boy.
  • To dream of the wild pigeons indicates that you will make a fortune. 
  • To dream of raising pigeons indicates substantial income and population growth.
  • To dream of the flying pigeons indicates that you will get into trouble.
  • To dream of a cage housing pigeons indicates that you will get the hidden treasure.
  • To dream of shooting at the pigeons indicates that you will be happy again. 
  • To dream of the cat biting the pigeons indicates disaster. 
  • To dream of the dead pigeons indicates that you will lose money. 
  • To dream of many pigeons indicates that you will have deep friendship.
  • To dream of giving pigeons to others indicates that you will be world-famous.
  • To dream of pigeons indicates good marriage and much money for you.
  • A gambler dreams of pigeons indicates that the dreamer will win a lot of money.
  • To dream of pigeons being killed indicates that the wife (or husband) to die.
  • To dream of pigeons flying away from your hands indicates that your wife will leave you.
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