Dream of pigsty

  • Dream of pigsty and pig. This is a rare auspicious dream in your life. It may bring you a lot of wealth. You will have a lot of wealth in the near future.
  • Dream of pigsty, good omen, life will be happy.
  • Dream of a pigsty on fire, while dreaming of pigs and fire, no doubt this is a bad omen. It indicates that your future career will encounter trouble and your wealth will be weak. This is an omen before wealth and money become weak.
  • Dream of fat pigs in the pigsty, which means that you are very rich and money will roll in
  • Entrepreneurs dream of playing with pigs, which is a very auspicious dream, indicating that the current career will be smooth sailing and will get a lot of wealth in the near future.
  • Dreaming of a pigsty on fire indicates that the career will be smooth.