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Dreaming about rice

  • To dream of steaming rice indicates that you must work hard to make money.
  • To dream of eating rice indicates happiness.
  • A married woman dreams of eating rice indicates that she will give birth to a baby.
  • An unmarried man dreams of eating rice indicates that he will get married soon.
  • To dream of rice growing very well indicates that you will make a big fortune in business.
  • To dream of piles of rice indicates that you will make a big fortune in business abroad.
  • To dream of doing rice business indicates that you will get good friends.
  • A patient dreams of eating rice indicates that the dreamer will get well soon.
  • To dream of buying rice indicates that you will manage a wedding for your children.
  • To dream of giving rice to others indicates disasters.
  • To dream of getting rice indicates that you will be respected by the country.
  • To see rice everywhere at home in your dream indicates good luck.
  • To see rice at home or on the road indicates that you will meet relatives who you haven't seen for a long time.
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