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Dreaming about rooves

If you focus on the roof in the dream indicates that you know what kind of protection you can provide. Dreaming of the tight roof indicates that you are willing to be pursued in love. Dreaming of standing on the roof indicates that you are very strong, you have the ability to give up protection.

The roof is very necessary in the protection of human security and other basic living requirements.  Of course, on the other hand, the roof is an obstacle to people, making them difficult to open up the field of vision to look at the sky. From the point of view of the protection of women, the roof is regarded as the guardian goddess of the flame.

  • Dreaming of a roof indicates an upward trend in love.
  • A woman dreams of a roof indicates that she will go out for a journey, there will be a lot of obstacles, she'd better cancel the trip.
  • An entrepreneur dreams of a roof indicates that the dreamer will have the opportunity to participate in group purchase, or share cost with others, but may therefore produce disputes.