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Dreaming about home

Dreaming of home indicates that you will improve in career and business. 

  • Dreaming of building a home indicates good luck. 
  • Dreaming of doors and windows at home being closed indicates that some of your relatives and friends may die.
  • Dreaming of a dazzling, luxuriously decorated house indicates that you will make a fortune. 
  • Dreaming of catching fire at home indicates that you will be seriously injured.
  • Dreaming of selling home indicates that you will fail in business, or you will be dismissed.
  • Dreaming of your home being partially damaged indicates that you will lose most of your properties.
  • Dreaming of a whilte house indicates that you will be stolen and suffer loss.
  • A man dreams of catching fire in front of or in his home indicates that some of his relatives wil die. 
  • A woman dreams of catching fire on the back door indicates that some of her relatives wil die.
  • Dreaming of renting a house indicates that you will work abroad.
  • Dreaming of renting your home to someone indicates more income and expenditure.
  • A woman dreams of taking another man to her home indicates that she will break faith.
  • Dreaming of the roof indicates that you may stay your stomach.
  • Dreaming of a broken home indicates that your enemy will win.
  • Dreaming of shouting on the roof indicates that the epidemic disease will occur In your residence.