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Dreaming about scarves

  • To dream of scarves indicates that you will experience ups and downs in life or have conflicts with others. In addition, you should be more concerned about your families and their own health so as to prevent diseases. 
  • To dream of colorful scarves is a symbol of sweet love.
  • A young female dreams of scarves means that she has a lot of chores to do.
  • A schoolgirl dreams of the scarf slipping or broken means that she will get into trouble, teachers or parents will let her do or do for her.
  • A patient dreams of scarves means that the dreamer is not going to get better in a short period of time.
  • An investor dreams of scarves means th the finances will be up-and-down.
  • A businessman dreams of scarves means that the business will be up-and-down.
  • To dream of sending others scarves hints your heart's desire for love.
  • To dream of getting a scarf from your lover indicates that you will get married.
  • A man dreams of buying scarves with a woman who chooses repeatedly or emphasizes on the style of the scarf hints that there may be a lot of things that make you a headache in life.