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Dreaming about souls

Dreaming of souls may be associated with your nearest living condition and mental condition.

  • Dreaming of astral trip indicates that you may sacrifice yourself for the worthless plan, which will reduce your sense of honor and make you become mercenary and uncompassionate.
  • An artist dreams of his soul being attached to someone else indicates that as long as he is able to concentrate on work, not blindly sentimental, he will become prominent.
  • Dreaming of someone's soul being attached to you indicates that you will be comforted by a stranger who is coming to your life. 
  • A young female musician dreams of a young woman wearing a transparent robe on stage and thinking of attaching her soul on that young woman indicates that she will become unmatched at an great career.
  • Dreaming of discussing issues related to the immortality of the soul indicates that you will seize every opportunity to get your desirable knowledge and enjoy the happiness to deal with intellectuals and people with lofty ideals.