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Dreaming of House Leaking

In the dream houses often symbolizes the body, not only on behalf of their own body, but also on behalf of other people's body. The house is really like the body, with front and back doors, just like the mouth of the body and other openings. In addition, the house often symbolizes the mind and the soul. The ancients once said that the body is the place where the soul lives.

Dreaming of a leaking house usually indicates that the dreamer is worried about his health and is afraid of his health; or that the dreamer lacks a sense of security and needs protection. In addition, the house can also symbolize a family, a collective. For example, a netizen dreamt that he was in a small house surrounded by his friends. The house here symbolizes the company. He felt that the company environment was very depressed, so the space of the house was very small. The leak in the house here may represent a concern about collective discipline.

  • Dreaming of house leaking indicates health problem.
  • Dreaming of house leaking indicates good wealth. Dreaming of collecting the water in the leaky place is better, you can keep your money.
  • Dreaming of birds flying into the leaky house and chirpping indicate earthshaking development in love, you may recover the relationship with your old lover, or the person whom you've already given up may suddenly have a good impression of you.