Dream of thieves

Dream of a thief has good and bad. If you just see a thief and don't suffer any loss, Congratulations, because it indicates that wealth will enter the door and businessmen will have a prosperous business! If you dream of robbery and have a positive physical conflict with the thief, you should pay attention. There may be murder recently. Pay more attention to traffic and health problems!

Dream of thieves and bandits, business will prosper

Dream of thieves or bandits attacking themselves, indicating an accident.

Dream of a thief at home, love is difficult to achieve.

Dream of being chased by a thief, something fierce will happen.

Dream of chasing the thief into the market without being fierce, dream of chasing the thief to the busy market and missing, there may be villains around.

Dream of strong thieves breaking into the owner's house, dream of fierce robbers entering the house, carefully examine their family financial malpractice, and be careful of the possibility of bankruptcy.

Dream of walking with the thief, dream of walking with the thief, and there is no sudden event, Lord Daji.

Dream of what you have done, dream of seeing a thief and shouting, and your wish is about to come true.

Dream of driving the thief, dream of expelling the thief, Lord Daji.