Dream of a tiger


The tiger in the dream is the embodiment of violence and impulse in the subconscious. Dreaming of a tiger coming out of the mountain or a tiger coming out of the forest usually indicates that you will stand out, but if you have such a dream on a business trip or travel, it may indicate that you may encounter danger ahead of your trip.

  • Men dream of tigers. They will encounter difficulties on the road to success.
  • Women dream of tigers. They and their children will get sick.
  • It will be difficult to dream of a tiger pouncing on itself.
  • Dream of shooting a tiger and your career will succeed.
  • Dreaming of catching tigers is an ominous sign. Friends will take themselves as enemies.
  • Dream of a tiger jumping on other animals, will worry about the situation of friends.
  • Dream of a tiger jumping on others, there will be a major car accident, but it can escape from death.
  • Dream that the tiger is locked in a cage, suggesting that the enemy is very strong, but you beat him in the end.
  • Dreaming of a tiger fighting a lion may suggest that a father son struggle will occur.
  • Dream of a tiger roaring in the face. If the dreamer is a man, it may indicate difficulties on the road to success; If the dreamer is a woman, pay attention to the health of yourself and your family, because it indicates that you or your child may fall ill.
  • I was obviously shocked when I met a tiger in my dream, which may indicate that you will have good purchasing luck in the recent period. You might as well go shopping, and there may be many unexpected gains and discounts.
  • Dream of riding on the back of a tiger, indicating that you have wealth and unexpected harvest.
  • Dreaming of a tiger breaking into your house or appearing in your home indicates that you will get a major promotion.