Dream of tower

Dreaming of the tower indicates that you will be promoted or eager to get rid of the troubles of the world.

Dream of climbing the tower, will get through severe difficulties.

Dream of flattening the pyramid, may be in a high position.

Dream of many towers, which means to visit abroad.

Dream that when you come down from the tower, the tower suddenly collapses, indicating that your hope is like a soap bubble that will burst at any time.

Dream of building a tower, remind you to pay attention to your integrity, cherish your reputation, discipline your behavior, and avoid a notorious end in the future.

Dream of getting into the tower, which means you may meet an old friend you haven't seen for a long time when you go out. They have endless words.

Dreaming that others are climbing the tower means that you will get the support of others in difficult times, so as to cheer up and get through the difficulties.

Dream of the pagoda. The pagoda often represents one's own belief. When the pagoda appears, one often has something to stick to.

Dreaming of building a pagoda indicates that you will find your goal and create your own beautiful future.

Dreaming of the collapse of the pagoda means that you will change your persistence because of the words of others, which will eventually lead to failure.

Different people dream of the tower

A man dreams of a tower, you will be promoted.

A woman dreams of a tower. Her husband will be strong and live longer than Nanshan.

The unmarried man dreamed of TA. His fiancee was a girl with good health and good conduct.

The girl dreams of the pyramid and may marry a famous family.

The merchant dreamed of the tower and would make a lot of money.

The army officer dreamed of the tower, implying that he would win the war.