Dream of a watch


  • Dream of a watch for money. Businessmen dream that the owner of watches has good fortune recently, but be careful that excessive investment is easy to lose.
  • Dream of buying watches, relatives and friends may be cheated, be vigilant.
  • Dream of picking up a watch, can get people's respect.
  • Dream of wearing a watch, good omen, indicates that life will be happy.
  • I dream that someone will give me a watch, which is a good omen. My interpersonal relationship will be very harmonious.
  • Women dream of wearing watches and quarreling with women in their husband's family.
  • When a man dreams of a watch, a disaster will come.
  • Pregnant women dream of watches, and childbirth will be very difficult.
  • The businessman dreamed of a watch and wanted to travel by train.
  • Dream that the watch stops and the enemy will give in to himself.
  • I dreamed that my watch was broken and I could meet someone who appreciated me.
  • I dreamed that I lost my watch and my interpersonal relationship deteriorated.