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Dreaming about Wind

  • To dream of a pleasant breeze blowing gently indicates that you will make progress in love. If you want to have closer relationship with the person whom you fell in love secretly with, don't hesitate to pursue. Call him/her! 
  • To dream of strong wind hitting the windows indicates that you will greet a friend from afar, which will bring you a wonderful memory.
  • To dream of walking against the wind indicates rocks ahead, especially in love. You'd better wait for the right time and love. It will be fine in the future.
  • To dream of flying in the sky with fair wind indicates something wrong in terms of individual behavior. Your whisper with colleages about your boss will be heard by your boss, the loss outweighs the gain. Disaster emanates from careless talk—— you must take care of your own behavior.
  • To dream of strong wind blowing down the house indicates an accident. Do not overexert to do anything.
  • To dream of tornado blowing indicates that the incident will be over. Do not be discouraged, everything will be fine.
  • To dream of fresh wind indicates good luck.
  • To dream of east wind blowing indicates peace and success.
  • To dream of sand storm all over the sky indicates that you will suffer pain and suffering because you do not consider the consequences. Think thrice and then act.
  • To dream of dirty wind blowing indicates pain and suffering. To smell kumpoo in the dream indicates peace and success.
  • A businessman dreams of breathing fragrant wind indicates that he will obtain profits in business. Instead, dreaming of breathing dirty air indicates disaster.
  • A patient dreams of breathing fresh air indicates that the dreamer will get well. A patient dreams of breathing dirty air indicates that the dreamer will endure misfortune and suffering.