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Dreaming about windows

  • To dream of windows symbolizes the connection with the outside world and reflects the state of external interaction.
  • To dream of opening the windows symbolizes that you will accept new ideas and new information.
  • To dream of closing the windows means that you will be abandoned by others. To dream of the windows being broken means that you will doubt your lover.
  • To dream of reparing the windows indicates that your dream will come true.
  • To dream of sitting by the window indicates that you will have to pay for your foolish behavior.
  • To dream of entering a house from the window means that when you try to achieve your high-sounding or ulterior motives through improper means, your behavior will be brought to light.
  • To dream of escaping from the window indicates that you will be in great trouble because you are unable to get out of the hard way of life,
  • To dream of the strange objects refecting on the window indicates that you will once again encounter career failure, which makes you unhappy, also your physical condition is not optimistic! You'd better be careful.
  • A woman dreams of opening the window may also express her desire to have sexual urge in the subconscious. If she sees the charming starry sky after opening the window, which means that her love is only idealistic vision, she doesn't have the courage to experience sex. If she sees the bandit breaking in through the window in the dream, which means that you have a very strong sexual impulse, but you have to be blocked by reason and morality.
  • A man dreams of windows sometimes suggests sexual desire. 
  • A businessman dreams of the closed windows indicates that he will suffer economic losses.