Dream of becoming a monk

Becoming a monk is to see through the world of mortals, which means insight into human things. It is a kind of wisdom.

  • Dreaming of becoming a monk usually indicates happiness in life, or indicates that life will have a new beginning, symbolizing rebirth or improvement of disease.
  • Dreaming of becoming a monk indicates that I have no inspiration for my current work or study recently. However, I can play some tricks on myself. For example, I can go out to play after finishing my work, which will motivate me to get energetic.
  • Dreaming of talking to the monks indicates bad luck and bad things will happen recently.
  • Dreaming of a monk returning to secular life indicates that something bad will happen in the near future. You should be mentally prepared.

Different people dream of becoming a monk

  • When a man dreams of becoming a monk, he will get rid of the troubles of family contradictions and live a happy life.
  • When a woman dreams of becoming a monk, it means that she can become a good wife to her husband, promote the development of her husband's career, and make the family life richer and happier.
  • Unmarried men and women dream of becoming a monk, which means that you expect to get a happy marriage and naturally take your feelings seriously.
  • Men dream of female monks, suggesting that your luck may decline slightly in the near future. You should pay more attention to your words and deeds.
  • Women dream of talking to monks, which indicates that your husband's relatives can live in harmony and live a happy life.
  • The girl dreamed of a quarrel with the female monk, reminding you that you should not care too much about the gains and losses of some trivial things, and people should be generous.
  • The patient dreams of becoming a monk and reminds you to be careful of the aggravation of your condition.
  • Businessmen dream of becoming a monk, which indicates that their business is smooth, their wealth is extensive, they will get rich profits, and their life is precious and comfortable.
  • A person who has become a monk and dreams that he has become a monk may imply that he wants to return to secular life.
  • Men dream that they have given up the secular life, which usually symbolizes getting rid of the secular troubles, living a comfortable and carefree life, and happy life for husband and wife.
  • A woman dreams that she has given up her secular life, which means that her family is harmonious, rich, happy and carefree.