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Dreaming about monks, nuns

  • To dream of becoming a monk or nun indicates that your current life and complex human hearts really make you scared and want to escape from the real life. You'd better take a rest and go away on holiday to calm down.
  • To dream of the monks and nuns chanting indicates distress. You will be subject to greater spiritual suffering if you still adhere to the traditional old concepts.
  • A woman dreams of talking with the monks or nuns indicates that her husband's family can live in harmony happily.
  • To dream of a monk indicates that you want to escapef from your current miserable relationship and rediscover your soul. This dream also implies that you will find your own mistakes, get back together with your friends or colleagues, and forget the unhappy past.
  • To dream of a painting of monks indicates richness and happy life. 
  • To dream that you are a monk symbolizes that you will see through the emptiness of the material world.
  • To dream of a monk visiting you indicates bad luck. Your family may encounter difficulties, trouble, or accident recently. Please mind your own business, pay attention to your health in order to maintain peace.
  • A woman dreams that she is a nun indicates that she will help her husband's career and make him both successful and rich.
  • A man dreams of a nun indicates countless disasters.
  • To dream of monks in the mourning hall indicates that you will quarrel with others in career or family.
  • A man dreams that he is a monk indicates that he will get rid of the troubled family conflicts and live a happy life.