Dream of monks and nuns


  • Dreaming of becoming a monk means that you feel painful about the current situation of life and are afraid of complex people. You are physically and mentally exhausted and want to escape from real life. It is suggested that you can have a rest and go out on vacation, and your mood will be calmed down.
  • Dreaming of monks and nuns chanting scriptures implies that you are depressed, but if you still adhere to the traditional and old ideas, you will suffer greater spiritual suffering.
  • A woman dreams of talking to a monk, which means that her husband's family can get along well and live a happy life.
  • Dreaming of a monk means that you want to jump out of this painful relationship and find your soul again. On the other hand, it also suggests that you will find your faults, make friends with your friends or colleagues, and forget the unhappy past.
  • Dream of a monk's painting, indicating that life is rich and comfortable.
  • Dreaming of becoming a monk means seeing through the world of mortals, which means insight into human things. It is a kind of wisdom.
  • It's a very unlucky dream to dream of a monk visiting. Your family may encounter difficulties, troubles or accidents recently. Please be careful, mind your own business, and pay attention to your physical condition to ensure safety.
  • A woman who dreams of becoming a monk means that she can become a virtuous wife of her husband and help her husband's career development, which is not only richer, but also more long-term.
  • Men dream of female monks, which means that countless disasters will come.
  • Dreaming of a monk in the mourning hall means that there will be some quarrels in your work, career or family.
  • When a man dreams of becoming a monk, he says he will get rid of the troubles of family contradictions and live a happy life.