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Dreaming of being arrested

  • A married man dreams of being arrested and punished indicates that he will gain both fame and wealth.
  • A woman dreams of being punished indicates that she will quarrel with her husband.
  • Dreaming of being suffered severe judgement although the case is lighter indicate that you will have a successful official career.
  • Dreaming of being sentenced to be hanged indicate that all difficulties will pass by.
  • A woman dreams of being brought to justice indicates that she will give birth to a girl. 
  • Dreaming of friend being sentenced indicate that you will encounter great danger.
  • Dreaming of punishing your wife indicate that you will live happily and treat each other with respect.
  • Dreaming of punishing relatives indicate that you will quarrel with your family. 
  • Dreaming of a judge sentencing offenders indicate that you will get promotion and pay rise. Dreaming of being exempted from penalties indicate that you may be faced with imminent disaster.
  • Dreaming of accepting the punishment indicate that you will lose friends and supporters.