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Dreaming of being beaten

  • To dream of being beaten suggests a rich life.
  • To dream of strangers being beaten suggests that you will get into difficulties.
  • To dream of your family being killed indicates that you will have a growing family.
  • To dream of beating animals indicates that you will make a fortune.
  • A prisoner dreams of being beaten indicates that the dreamer will be released soon.
  • To dream of a fight usually expresses relationships, sometimes shows physical health.
  • To dream of being beaten for no reason at all or being beaten by strangers indicates that you may have bad luck, or encounter setbacks and blows. You'd better be careful recently in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.
  • To dream of being killed indicates that all bad things, such as pain and suffering, will pass away. You will have a new beginning and live a happy life.
  • To dream of being beaten by your lover or fighting with your lover indicates that your relationship goes very well, you love each other.
  • To dream of strangers being beaten indicates that you will meet with setback and trouble.
  • To dream of beating others indicates that you may be depressed because you are not satisfied with your life. You may also be praised because you actively deal with the problem.
  • To dream of beating yourself indicates that you blame yourself, or feel inferior or sick of yourself.
  • To dream of instigating others to beating indicates that you will make new friends, people who were beaten might become your friends.
  • To dream of fighting with your classmates indicates that you are popular in interpersonal communication, you will make more new friends, and you will treat each other frankly and live in harmony.
  • To dream of brothers fighting indicates that you may encounter internal dispute recenlty, resulting in slow progress at work or decline in academic performance.
  • To dream of quarrelling with relatives, friends or elders indicates that you may encounter financial difficulties, your income will be reduced, and you will also get into trouble.
  • To dream of someone in the family being killed.indicates that you will have a growing family.
  • A man dreams of quarrelling with a woman indicates that he will be bankrupt in reputation, or his family will suffer disaster, maybe someone will die.
  • To dream of beating an elderly man indicates your inner resistance to authority figures or the stereotypes.
  • To dream of beating a dog indicates that your own faults or ways of managing things may make the faithful subordinates, assistants or friends question you.
  • To dream of beating a cat indicates that you will expose a cheater.
  • To dream of beating other animals indicates that you will make a fortune.
  • To dream of beating your chest indicates that you will suffer pain or misfortune, some relatives or friends may die, you have to be careful not to be involved in a criminal case or lawsuit litigation.
  • To dream of beating the ground indicates that you will crush barriers and eliminate resistance, you will turn ill luck into good luck both in career and business.
  • A patient dreams of a fight or fighting with others indicates that the dreamer will get well and be vibrant again.
  • To dream of two people fighting in front of you indicates that you may go to regulate disputes between friends, to act as "an arbiter" "a facilitator" or "a judge".
  • To dream of animals fighting in front of you indicates that you will suffer pain recently, you'd better pay attention to your health in order not to get sick.
  • To dream of the melee reminds you to pay attention to health because you are very likely to get sick. In particular, you should pay attention to maintaining a good diet and avoid overeating, etc. Do not eat roadside stalls, beware of acute gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer, ptosis, appendicitis and other digestive diseases.
  • A businessman dreams of fighting indicates that he may change his plans. If he wins in the dream indicates that his plans will be successful and vice versa.
  • A staff member dreams of fighting indicates that the dreamer may change job.
  • To dream of fighting usually indicates a sgn of fever, you'd better go to see a doctor timely.
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