Dream of being beaten


  • Dream of being beaten, life will be rich.
  • Dream of strangers being beaten, will encounter difficulties.
  • Dream of a friend being beaten, usually the nearest friend will have trouble. Even if the party said he didn't think about it at ordinary times, it is related to ordinary life from the perspective of psychology!
  • I dreamed that my family was killed and my family wanted to increase its population.
  • Dream of being beaten by others for no reason, or beaten by strangers, which indicates that you may encounter bad luck, setbacks and blows. In recent life, you should be careful to avoid unnecessary troubles.
  • Dreaming that you were finally killed indicates that all the bad things such as previous pain and disaster will pass, and you will usher in a new beginning and live a happy life.
  • Dreaming that you are beaten by your lover, or arguing and fighting with your lover indicates that love develops smoothly, that you are happy with each other, and that you are very affectionate.
  • Dream of strangers being beaten, suggesting that they will encounter setbacks and difficulties.

Different people dream of being beaten

  • The prisoner dreamed of being beaten and would soon be released.
  • Businessmen dream of fighting, which may indicate that the plan will change. If you win, it implies that the plan will be a great success. On the contrary, there may be setbacks.
  • If employees dream of fighting, it may indicate a change in their work.
  • The patient dreams of fighting or fighting with others, which indicates that the body will recover and be full of vitality.
  • Men dream of fighting with women, which indicates that their reputation will be damaged, or their family will suffer disaster, and someone may die.