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Dreaming of betraying

Dreaming of betraying indicates that you attach great importance to this person.

1. Dreaming of being betrayed by girlfriend (or wife) indicates your fear and struggle in heart, the reason of dreaming is related with your heavy life stress recently, you care about your girlfriend (or wife) too much. You'd better put down your attachment and purify your mind in order to release your heart. 

2. Dreaming of being betrayed by boyfriend (or husband) indicates that you feel insecure but in reality you are afraid to think about this question for the following reasons:

  • You subconsciously think that you will be always betrayed;
  • You are worried about your current boyfriend (husband) would leave your one day;
  • You have a tendency to betray your boyfriend (husband) in heart;
  • You felt vaguely that your boyfriend (husband) have betrayed you by some clues, but his expression is not very obvious, but your feeling became clear in the dream;
  • You want to leave your boyfriend but you couldn't speak to him because you are afraid that he might be hurt;
  • You have sense of inferiority and insecurity to boyfriend (husband); or you have excessive sense of superiority to him;
  • You felt subconsciously that someone betrayed you (who has some of the same features with your boyfriend or husband); or you betrayed someone (who has some of the same features with your boyfriend or husband).