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Dreaming of bone

  • To dream of bones indicates that you'd better not be deceived by appearances, you should recognize the nature and find the root of the problem. You may also want to get to the root of things and find the origin.
  • To dream of the dead man's bones indicates that the scar in your soul will be revealed.
  • To dream of cracked, broken bones indicates that the weaknesses that you want to hide will eventually be found, or you will find someone else's shortcomings and mistakes.
  • To dream of being a bag of bones indicates that your quality of life will decline. A woman does such a dream may indicate poor health, family embarrassment or sadness.
  • To dream of skull indicates death.

Zhougong Dream Dictionary (Zhou Gong Jie Meng)

  • To dream of pulling out the crooked bones indicates good luck. To dream of exposing bones