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Dreaming of cigrettes

  • Dreaming of cigrettes indicate that you are not satisfied with your life, you wish to have more ideal circumstances and wonderful life.
  • A woman dreams of smoking indicates that she is very likely to have health problem, she may be hurt by someone recently.
  • A man dreams of smoking indicates good wealth luck, he will become rich If he can make good use
  • A businessman dreams of smoking indicates that he will go abroad to do big business.
  • A prisoner dreams of smoking indicates that he will be released from prison successfully. 
  • A worker dreams of smoking indicates promotion.
  • A patient dreams of smoking indicates serious illness. 
  • An elderly person dreams of cigrettes indicates poor life and ill luck, the dreamer had better be careful and fall back to be aware of illicit love affair, otherwise the dreamer may be framed.
  • A job seeker dreams of cigrettes indicates good job fortune, the dreamer is sure to get a good job as long as not too demanding.
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