Dream of buying stuff

Dream of shopping, there will be small things that make you happy.

Dream of shopping failed, good luck, the dreamer will pay off the debt, or his body will recover soon.

Dream of buying crafts, there will be good luck in the opposite sex.

Dream of buying food, will be discouraged and disappointed in life.

Women dream of buying food. Will suffer.

Dream of not buying food. It's a sign of wealth.

Dream of buying snacks, good omen, indicates that life will be happy.

Dream of buying bread, life will be carefree.

Dream of buying a cake, will worry about the child's safety.

Dream of buying sugar, the enemy is coming, and life is in danger.

Dream of buying rice means that everything is going well.

Dream of buying vegetables, cooking and eating, personal entrepreneurship or investment will be fruitful.

Dreaming of buying cigarettes indicates that life is profitable recently.

Dream of buying fruit, good luck, means that the body will be very healthy.

Different people dream of shopping

If a woman dreams of shopping, it means a happy marriage. Unmarried people can find the right husband.

Men dream of shopping, which indicates a new breakthrough in work, but there are obstacles in investment.

Married women dream of shopping, which means that your marriage life will be very happy and your life will be very happy in the near future.

Single women dream of shopping, which indicates that you will find the right husband in the near future and have a happy ending in the future.

Single people dream of shopping, suggesting that your recent love luck is bad and easy to end up breaking up.

The patient's dream of shopping indicates that your luck is poor and your condition is fluctuating recently. As long as you receive treatment calmly, your body will soon recover.

Scholars dream of shopping, which means that your test scores will be very good and you will make good progress in the near future.