Dream of Midwifery

  • Dream of midwifery, peach blossom luck will make progress.
  • Dream of delivering children, will get richer and richer.
  • Dream of delivering a baby boy. If he is a man, he will get sick; If you are a married woman, it is a precursor to pregnancy.
  • Dreaming of helping others deliver indicates that you will take the initiative to accept new challenges at work in the near future, which will let you spend a busy day. However, you get along well with your lover, and the other party will listen to any decision you make, which will make you full of face.

Different people dream of midwifery

  • Women dream of delivery, will suffer from gynecological diseases.
  • When a woman dreams of delivering a baby boy, her luck is gradually declining recently. She should be careful in her words and deeds, and beware of being framed by villains and provoking lawsuits.
  • Women dream that they will starve when they deliver their babies.
  • Married women dream of delivery, which is a precursor to pregnancy.
  • Men dream of delivering babies and getting sick.
  • Pregnant women dream of talking to midwives and will be charged with a crime.
  • Singles dream of helping others deliver babies, which indicates that your love luck is good. There are many small ideas with lovers. It is easy to get along with lovers alone and go too far, but you can't distinguish love in your heart.
  • Married people dream of helping others deliver babies, which indicates that your erotic index will rise in the near future and are easy to be attracted by strange opposite sex. It is suggested that you should pay more attention to your words and deeds and don't make excessive behavior, which will damage your reputation and affect your family life.