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Dreaming of Diving

  • The dream of diving presents satisfaction or dissatisfaction.
  • If you dreamed of diving, you would have ambitious goals. If the water in the dream were very limpid, you would be satisfied with the result.  If the water in the dream were turbid, you would be dissatisfied with the result.
  • If you dreamed of someone diving, sometimes you would have good luck but sometimes you would have ill luck. You'd better wait patiently because your good luck would come soon.
  • If a man dreamed of diving, he might being challenged by a high degree of difficulty. Whether to win depends on himself.
  • If a woman dreamed of diving, she would not like her lover very much, she might have some feeling of depression with him, she would like to leave her lover and get freedom.
  • If a businessman dreamed of diving, he'd better pay attention to his funds, he should grasp the flow of his money, otherwise he might be framed by the other and lose all the money.
  • If a patient dreamed of diving, the dreamer's disease might not be optimistic, the dreamer could not recover or the dreamer's disease would be recurring.
  • If a student dreamed of diving, the dreamer might decline in academic performance recently. If the dreamer would like to have good academic record, the dreamer should have strong self-control.
  • If a pregnant woman dreamed of diving, this is a dream of having baby. Her baby would be very healthy and she would give birth to the baby soon. Everything would be smooth.